Our mission is to promote the continued existence and resiliency of the U.S. abortion delivery sector so that abortion seekers have timely and equitable access to quality abortion care.

The RAD Team

The RAD team is strategic, pragmatic, and focused on impact.

Our team brings over


years of combined experience in reproductive health and abortion rights, along with:

In-depth knowledge of the landscape

We understand the ever changing legal, economic & environmental landscapes, as well as the escalating pressures on abortion providers.

Strong relationship network nationwide

We know providers, allies, and funders across the country through years of work in the field, and have strong, trusted relationships.

Agile and responsive approach

Our knowledge base and relationships enable us to pivot quickly in response to changing external challenges.


Bonnie Scott Jones

Bonnie Scott Jones founded RAD to bring new support to the independent abortion delivery sector in the face of growing threats to patient access. She is a highly-regarded advocate who has done cutting edge work with independent abortion providers on litigation, compliance, and regulatory issues, first at the Center for Reproductive Rights, then in-house with a consortium of independent abortion facilities and most recently as Senior Policy Advisor at Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health.

Melanie Zurek

Melanie Zurek develops and oversees RAD’s information and operating systems, structures and processes – with particular attention to RAD’s capacity to respond quickly and strategically in a complex and volatile external environment. Prior to RAD, she served for 15 years as Executive Director of Provide, Inc. working to integrate abortion content into high-need, low-resource general health and social service settings.

Meg Cavanaugh

Meg Cavanaugh co-developed and leads RAD’s funding and technical assistance program to provide responsive funding and other resources while also maintaining a strong strategic direction. She brings over 20 years experience driving performance improvement and business sustainability programs with women’s health providers in positions at Columbia University OB/GYN, Guttmacher Institute, and Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

Janet Crepps

Janet Crepps co-developed and leads RAD’s in-house team of attorneys to provide pro-bono legal compliance assistance and other resources to Independent and Planned Parenthood abortion providers and their allies. A celebrated champion of independent abortion providers, Janet has spent her career fighting abortion restrictions and their impact, including over two decades litigating and providing compliance assistance at the Center for Reproductive Rights.


As a funding intermediary, RAD acts as a grantmaker for charitable foundations that want to support abortion providers. We also:

  • ensure that funding awards and pro bono services follow the IRS rules for charitable support
  • use our sector knowledge and grantmaking capacity to bring new and additional charitable funds into the field
  • connect funders and grantees that might not otherwise work together
  • provide expertise and guidance to both funders and grantees

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