Abortion access is at risk. The national community of abortion providers faces a growing web of challenges, ranging from rising costs to total loss of legal protections and subsequent closures.

At RAD, we distribute resources to abortion providers to maximize abortion access.

Our mission is to promote the continued existence and resiliency of the U.S. abortion delivery sector so that abortion seekers have timely and equitable access to quality abortion care.

RAD Offers

Our resources include funding and technical support, free legal advice, and funder services.


Grants & Loans for independent abortion providers to help them protect or expand abortion access.
New! The Access Fund, a new fund to provide no-cost abortions for low-income people from ban states.

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Technical Assistance

Free consulting support to abortion providers, in areas such as project development, project management, business operations, and financial health.

Legal Compliance Assistance

Free legal consultation on compliance and regulations for abortion providers nationwide.

Funder Services

Convening and supporting funders to make impactful and informed investments in abortion delivery and access.
Services and facilitating to support funders in impactful and informed investments in abortion delivery and access.
RAD Impact
In our first five years,

RAD has provided unprecedented support to the U.S. abortion delivery sector, particularly to independent providers.

We have delivered resources to over
A Snapshot of our Support




in grants and loans


in free technical & capacity-building support




in free legal services


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participated in covenings & briefings

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