RAD offers grantmaking services for charitable donors who are looking for opportunities to give direct, tangible support to abortion providers who are meeting critical community needs. We are unique in our knowledge of independent abortion providers, in our ability to pool and distribute donor funds, and in our capacity to give charitable dollars to privately owned, taxable entities that comprise approximately 70% of the independent abortion provider sector.

Funder Pencil
We make individual loans and grants to both taxable and tax-exempt abortion providers. We ensure that all funding awards follow the IRS rules for charitable support.
We work in strategic partnership with charitable donors to develop larger scale responses to emergent and longer-term sector needs.
We provide informational resources and convening spaces for foundation donors wising to learn more about the abortion delivery sector and engage with peers.

Foundation Partners and Donors

RAD has worked with numerous charitable foundations, individuals, and donor advised funds, including the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the Lisa and Douglas Goldman Fund, the Coalition for Gender and Reproductive Equity, and Schusterman Family Philanthropies, as well as several anonymous donors.

The Access Fund

A new fund to provide no-cost abortions for low-income people from ban states.

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