For Allies

RAD partners with ally organizations to share knowledge about conditions in the field, share strategies, and ensure that available resources respond to provider needs. We also co-create and co-convene spaces that support the free-flow of previously fragmented and decentralized resources and knowledge for ally organizations.
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For Providers

RAD provides grants, loans, and free technical assistance to both taxable or tax-exempt independent abortion providers. We also offer pro-bono (free) legal compliance assistance, and a variety of tools and resources on abortion service delivery to independent and Planned Parenthood abortion providers.

Legal Defense Resources

RAD’s Legal Defense Resources

RAD offers legal defense funding and legal defense compliance advice to abortion providers nationwide.

The Abortion Provider Legal Defense Fund covers legal defense costs for independent abortion providers facing an investigation or legal action based on providing regulated abortion services (1) to people from, or in, hostile states, or (2) that are alleged to violate the Comstock Act. Providers seeking funding should email [email protected].

RAD’s legal team, Regulatory Assistance for Abortion Providers (RAAP), offers free legal compliance advice to abortion providers seeking to understand the legal risks of providing abortion care in a post-Roe landscape.

RAD’s Legal Defense resources are one part of a coordinated effort between six national reproductive rights groups to ensure abortion providers, supporters, and seekers have the legal resources they need to navigate the hostile and confusing post-Roe landscape. This effort is called the Abortion Defense Network.

The Abortion Defense Network

The Abortion Defense Network connects abortion providers and supporters with values-aligned attorneys prepared to provide legal advice, representation in criminal proceedings, representation in civil proceedings, and legal defense funds that cover attorney fees and other legal expenses. 

You can read more about the Abortion Defense Network – which is managed by the Lawyering Project in partnership with Resources for Abortion Delivery, the American Civil Liberties Union, Center for Reproductive Rights, If/When/How: Lawyering for Reproductive Justice, and National Women’s Law Center – in the press release here.